32.2. Aberdeen, Day One: Stonehaven Boardwalk and Beach

Susan, my Faulty Tours guide, and I had a coffee at a place on the harbor (where both of her gorgeous kids were working) right after our walk and before my tea, and we walked back into town along the boardwalk and the beach. We parted ways, I had my tea, and returned to stroll on the beach and investigate the sculptures I had only briefly noticed.

How can I choose??

These metal sculptures were made by a local man named Jim Malcolm. His name is not on them or on any placards. His choice, for some time, was to be anonymous. People would come down to the boardwalk for a stroll, and there would be a new sculpture, unannounced. Some compare him with Banksey, but it’s hard to see how these sculptures could be dropped without some help from the town. But I hope I’m wrong! It’s a better story.

Embiggen ALL these photos for the really fun details and great humor in each and every sculpture.

“Tragedy in the High Seas off Montrose. Andrew Brown, ship’s mate, killed the captain. He then sailed the schooner ‘Nymph’ back to Stonehaven to see his Mother one last time.”
Dolphins can often be seen in the bay.
Hammerhead in the head.
Ship’s captain being killed. Helmsman don’t care as long as there’s a ship to steer.
So. Much. Detail.

A Fishing Boat.

Another Fishing Boat.

A Viking longship.

The detail of the side rudder impresses me doubly now that I’ve seen re-created Viking longships in Shetland.

Lobster and Crabs fishing for men.

oh noooooo!

An aeroplane.

A lighthouse.

Love the Ukraine flag.
A see-horse!

Not sure who the sculptor is for the next few — wonderful yard decorations right on the Boardwalk.

Ohai! With Highland Fault in the background!
I REALLY hoofed it to catch this train. That’s supposed to be there.
My very comfy room with very high ceilings.
And a posh bathroom!

What an exceptional day — with barely a few moments spent in Aberdeen town. The evening was spent packing. I was to meet up with friends of a friend for brunch the next day, explore Aberdeen a little with them, then board an overnight ferry to Shetland.

28 May, 2022


One response to “32.2. Aberdeen, Day One: Stonehaven Boardwalk and Beach”

  1. I LOVE those sculptures! How fun, with fish as the people. Fabulous!


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