74. Day 10 in England: Kensington Gardens and the Victoria & Albert

He’s disappointed because there is only one bowl of Heinz Beanz.
A nice little wander over to Kensington Gardens.
Another freaking stunner of a day.
I found this fetching.
Sunny smiles! With comet-like contrail.
Spoot the coot.
Maybe a lover’s quarrel.
I adore coots even more now that I’ve seen they crazy little feet!!
Peter Pan statue, commissioned by J.M. Barrie! However, Barrie didn’t like it, saying it didn’t show the “devil” in Peter.
There are two birds in this photo. One is a surprise!
The Albert Memorial, looking vaguely like a Buddhist temple.
Monument to Wretched Empire Excess
Empire!! Kids, don’t go colonizing. Do scroll down and listen to the sound the automaton organ makes
Truth and Falsehood: Here truth tears out the double tongue of falsehood and pushes aside the mask concealing his greatness- his tail is exposed beneath his drapery.
There’s his tail!!
Grisly! Truth looks so weirdly disassociated from this act of violence.
The Three Fates
Another grisly one!
Besides the empty eyes of Apollo, the creepy babies puts this one over the top.
This sculpture was near the African fashion exhibit.
Oh St. George! Y U so hard to kill?
That little smile. And hand o’God reaching through the rent.

The African Fashion exhibit was fantastic! I took SO many photos, but these are some of my favorites. Huge apologies for no info about designers and artists.

A rundown of cloth types
There were a lot of archival photographs from decades ago, along with current designers and creations.
I tried to find more about this symbolic design, but came up ummmm empty-well, you know.
Here are the hands again! More research is needed. Embiggen to check out the very dapper couple in the background.
You may be cool, but you’ll never be as cool as this guy.
Nor as cool as these women, especially the one in the Star Beer dress!

Entering the contemporary part of the exhibit, I was overwhelmed with the variety of fabrics and creative design. Here are just a few photos. I urge you to click on one of the links above to investigate the exhibit a little closer.

sorry I cut off the hat, it’s quite the thing!
Dang, I LOVE the outfit in the center. A lot!
Amazing and rather creepy masque.
I want.
This appeals to my taste very, very much.

Back out to the lobby, I ran across this art nouveau fireplace! Thought about my friends Chris and Christine and Mark.

I was hot and exhausted, but we were right across the street from the Natural History Museum. It was SO FREAKING CROWDED I almost threw a rod. But did manage to capture this incredible hummingbird tree.

Hang ’em high. But seriously, this atrium.
Battersea Power Station! I thought it had been destroyed. My ex-husband and I stayed near it when I was in London in 1985, but we didn’t realize it til we were exploring the neighborhood the day after arriving.

11 July 2022


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