53. Day 21 in Shetland: Fethaland

The day started out pretty overcast, and continued off and on, but no rain to speak of. That did not stop a large portion of the walk to be very boggy, indeed! The waterproof nature of my Scarpa boots was tested, and I utilized my hiking poles constantly to test the ground and depth of bogginess. But it was worth every boot-sucking step. Fethaland was a walk full of history, geology, birds, geos and ruins. The coastline was dramatic and beautiful.

Not all photos will be captioned. Many of them may even be repetitious, but well worth embiggening.

Sleeping dragon. Aka, the Kame of Isbister. There used to be monastery on top!
The changeable sky.
Passing ship.
Ruins of the monastery visible on the top of the Kame.
Unnamed ruined neolithic ruins.
The burn by the ruins.
It was so moving to be here. These ancient ruins are very thought-provoking.
Another dragon! And rose quartz.
Sweet, tiny wildflowers.
Looking back.
Lokati Kame.
More neolithic ruins.
Looking south.
Looking north.
Yell in the distance, I believe.
These two were not pleased at my proximity.
Shingle beach.
Spot the bunny!
The Isle of Fethaland in the distance. You can see the lighthouse.
More ruins.
In the Wick of Breibister
I actually went through the gate instead of just walking around it. Had a good laugh at myself. Looking back on the circular ruins.
Look back where you came from.
Some great information about the haaf fishing station can be found here.
A tombolo of sorts connects the northernmost mainland to the Isle of Fethaland.
Ruins of the fishermen’s houses, Buska Stack in the background.
Shingle beach, mostly flat, beautiful rocks.
A selkie laughing.
The geo near the lighthouse.
Bark Stack.
Bark Stack and an otter!
More settlement ruins.
And some playful selkies.
Just loved these two little ones.
The absolute best honesty box in Shetland.
A nice tatty couch in St. Magnus Bay Hotel bar. I enjoyed this beer a lot! It had been a long day of walking.
I didn’t capture my dinner (a delicious piece of fish), but this sticky toffee pudding was amazing!

This was the end of my last day in Hillswick, and on the mainland of Shetland. Up early early to get to Lerwick to pick my honey up at the ferry terminal, landing at 7:30 AM!

If ever I return to Shetland, I will spend more time in the Hillswick area. It was fascinating. I never really got over to the east side, Whalsay, or the Outer Skerries. I do hope I return, someday….

19 June, 2022


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