70. Day Six in England: A Bit of Art, and on to London

And I woke up to this treat! Especially sweet because I know Christine doesn’t normally get up early, but she did to set this up.

It was really hard to choose out of so much color and shiny!
Look at that cutie patootie! Saying goodbye was hard, but I know I’ll be back.
All aboard!

After some confusion finding my train, and much help from strangers on trains and in underground stations, I finally found my way to my stop in Brockley.

Neighborhood kitteh! It was an easy 1/2 mile walk from the overground station to the flat.
And followed closely behind by this guy, fresh off the train from Glasgow.
First London sunset.

Looking very much forward to London, with Christine planning to join us about halfway through our 10 day stay for a short visit.

7 July 2022


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