19. Day One in Llwyngwril: Seashore and Shopping

Arose shortly after sunrise and decided to take a walk down to the sea. The community store was to open at 8 AM, so plenty of time to enjoy a beautiful morning! The sun on the sea, the distant hills, and mountains was sublime. Plus lots of drama in that sky.

The hills behind my cottage. Green and velvety.
The path to the sea runs along a creek.
Mountains, sea, stony beach.
Not sure if this was art or accident.
Mt. Snowden back there somewhere.
I love rock beaches. Love love love. The center rock (white with orange and red stripes) is the “spoke to me” rock that came home with me.
The textures. Also, burbling water from a streamlet.
End of the road.
More Art by Nature.
Such a pretty little village is Llwyngwril.
Ye Shall Not Pass!!
Whimsey, courtesy of village residents.
Embiggen for clues!
The Green Man Abides.
Community Store Booty!
This was the best. Just the best. I had brought some really lovely coffee with me from Hay-on-Wye.
Perfect breakfast. Welsh bacon is SO GOOD! As are British eggs. And blackcurrant jam.
My clothing was in sore, sore need of laundering at this point. First laundry in 2.5 weeks.
I whiled away the afternoon, and it was lovely. Tea and McVities biscuits.
A Hay find, Carol Shields’ “Larry’s Party” was excellent domestic drama, beautifully written.
The evening sky.
Still hours from sunset, dramatic celestial spotlights.

I was so very ready for this stay in Llwyngwril (the ‘Ll’ pronounced hard C, so clen-GO-ryool). Making plans to explore nearby towns, take a couple of steam train rides up into the hills, Portmeirion, Machynlleth for a museum and bird preserve, and tackle some longer hikes near my cottage — that was the extent of what I expected of myself, and it was a welcome relief after the rather strict schedule I’d set on the Wye Valley Walk. I also knew I’d be on the go in Shetland two weeks hence, so this was very much a vacation within a vacation.

15 May, 2022


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