60. Day 28 in Shetland: The Horns of Hagmark and Hill of Clibberswick

Today’s Big Walk took us along the East Coast of Unst to the Horns of Hagmark (on the map, about parallel with the compass). It was a long but really interesting walk up until the last couple miles, which was all paved road. But even that wasn’t bad, as it took us by a sweet little trow house.

That looks like….
By golly, Shetland zombies, outstanding in their field.
These were some rugged, very high cliffs. The rock face here is the sheerest I’ve ever seen. I didn’t get very close to the edge!
A face in the rocks.
For all the rocks, once we got the primary climb done, it was pretty darned easy walking.
My guy inching toward the edge.
I loved this landscape. It felt…old, and was very different from any other place I saw in Shetland.
Looking back, there’s Norwick beach.
Are those the Horns of Hagmark? I wasn’t sure.
I loved this little burbly pool and burn to a tiny waterfall off a big cliff.
Were *those* the Horns of Hagmark? Not well marked on the map.
Just in case, I thought I’d pose with the Horns of Hagmark.
Those are pretty pointy, could be horns.
High Cliff Drama. What’s that on the cliff’s edge in the distance?
Eeeeeeee it’s a long way down. That water is a beautiful shade of dark teal.
Ah, wait! Could it be? YES, THOSE are the Horns of Hagmark!!
Getting closer. Very Horny.
View from the Horns. Pretty impressive.
Between the horns.
Beyond the horns. Lots more walking ahead.
Looking south toward The Nev.
Whoa. I got pretty close to the edge for this one.
Trig point, Hill of Clibberswick. Woo!!
And Beyond, a Beautiful Sky.
Don’t forget to look back where you came from!
There were a bunch of these round enclosures.
Not ancient. Likely for crops or sheep.
Really interesting natural arch.
Ponies of Shetland!
Doing it in stile.
Gotta love babydoll head art.
A friendly trow and his lambs.
Some VERY alert sheep. Don’t mess with their trow!!
More whimsy. Loads of it everywhere in Shetland. *Love*
I’d been craving potato crisps and beer, but settled for tea!

Two full days left in Shetland! As the end of this part of the trip drew near, I was excited for the next part, but already feeling melancholy about leaving these islands.

26 June 2022


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