65. Day One in England: Early Flight to Norwich, Sainsbury Collection, Norfolk Broads, Sheringham

We had a VERY early start to our day, up before 4 AM (yes, it was already firmly light outside) to catch a 6:45 AM flight to Norwich. We had the front of the upper deck to ourselves, and it was jolly lovely to sightsee a little of Aberdeen on the way out of town to the airport.

Rain in, rain out.
Crossing the tarmac to our LoganAir flight.

Christine and Josianne picked us up at the airport, and we headed to the Sainsbury Center, a really exceptional collection of all manner of art through the ages, from nifty little fertility goddesses, to contemporary painting and sculpture, and beyond. I enjoyed the collection of Francis Bacon portraits, which follow. I believe that Midjourney fashions most of its AI creations on Bacon’s style.

See what I mean?
Apologies about the lights and reflections, couldn’t be helped.
The man himself. I love this photograph.

Now for some busts. Sorry about lack of artist information!

A lively pupil.

I really loved these three sculptures, new to me artist John Davies. The head above is also Davies.

Henry Moore of course.
Leiko Ikemura, and Christine, because who could resist going inside?
A relatable female figure.
This is the cutest lil hippo!!!
Something very modern about this.
And this one, too.
Check out the pierced ears.
An otter and baby!
Gnarly. I don’t know if any good came of these rituals.
The Googly Eye Carving.
Three dancing maidens.
The Old Maids, Leonora Carrington (1947)
From the Collection of a Private Man, Edmund de Waal (2011)
Model of the Monument to the Third International, aka, Tatlin’s Tower. The original very-optimistic-in-a-very-Soviet-way plan was for this to be 1,300 feet high. Jeremy Dixon and Chris Milan built this model.

Next we wandered through the Scottish women artists show, which was a revelation and a delight.

A Cellist, Beatrice Huntington (1925)
The Red Cat, Pat Douthwaite (1973)
Portrait of James Michie, Anne Redpath (1920). Redpath had some of my favorite paintings in this exhibit.
Eastern Approaches, Joyce Cairns (1999). She was inspired by the neighborhood of Footdee in Aberdeen, which you saw in my post #33!
Passing in the Night, Margaret Mellis (1994)
Still Life With Japanese Kites, Elizabeth Blackadder (1980)

The following three paintings reminded me SO MUCH of the Outer Hebrides and Shetland!

Wester Ross Landscape, Frances Walker (1980). She was indeed an artist on the isles of Harris and North Uist in Outer Hebrides, where she was the sole art teacher.
Summer Storm, Joan Eardley (1958)
This is also a Joan Eardley work, not sure of the title.

The following two are by Sekei Machache, Scottish/Zimbabwean artist, taken in the Highlands. She’s wearing a dress designed by Fiona Catherine Powell.

Light Divine Sky 1
Deep Divine Sky 2

The following are geometric abstracts, from the exhibit “Rhythm and Geometry.” Sorry, no artists’ info.

Swans, Richard Slee
Beasts by Lynn Chadwick

After this absolutely immersive art experience, we headed to the Norfolk Broads for a boat ride into the byways of a complex river and lake system. Just take a look at that sky. I couldn’t get over it and I’d been seeing beautiful skies throughout Wales and Shetland.

Me and Christine. We’ve known each other for 42 years. Egads!
All the houses had slips.
This one. This is where I want to live!
The grasses for thatch roofs comes primarily from here!!!
Find the grey heron!
Really lovely dove.

We headed up to Sheringham, where Christine lives in a beautiful home inherited from her beloved mum. She is an avid collector of beauty, and has filled her home with so much wonder.

Rainbow gate!! The stone on her house is flint, the material used for so much in Norfolk. Christine’s house is an example of knapped flint, so the stones are flat rather than round. You can really see the complexity of the interior of the rocks.
Chaotic playfulness up the street from Christine’s.
Lovely. On our way to the boardwalk and sunset.
Turbines on the horizon.
The little changing houses all along the boardwalk.
Einstein on the Beach. He stayed in Cromer, just up the coast.
Josianne, Christine.
Me n my honey.
Strolling back through this super quaint and precious town. I fell in love, hard.
Empires of Light.
Toy shop featuring Thunderbirds!!!

A little turn around Christine’s gardens before bed.

One of Christine’s mosaic creations.
And two more.
Home for the next few days.

It *was* a very long day, and we crashed hard, with delightfully little to do the next day except hang out in Sheringham, take the steam train for a ride, and see some Morris Dancing!

1 July 2022


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