41. Day Nine in Shetland: A Bum Knee on Foula

I woke up on day two of my Foula trip with my knee seriously sore. I couldn’t remember having done anything to it. I though I’d be able to “walk it off,” but I realized pretty quickly that wasn’t going to happen. The only thing to do was to rest it. And this, folks, disappointed me sorely. I wagered it was a strain, and time was the only cure, I hoped.

This was phone rock. I had to walk a couple hundred feet to get to reception on some days. This was one such day, and I was glad to be forced to get out a bit.
This pair of fulmars, my neighbors, entertained me as best they could.
Tried a little walk, but didn’t make it far.

So I got a lot of reading done! And fortunately had plenty of food and BBC 4 on the radio. No complaints, other than “ouch.”

7 June, 2022


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