56. Day 24 in Shetland: Rain Day Museuming, Tea, and Cozying Up at Home

The forecast was pretty bleak, so we decided to visit the Unst Heritage Centre in Haroldswick, a short drive away. It is a VERY good little museum on Unst island life, the history and geology of the island, its arts and crafts and crofting roots. And of course, fishing and Vikings!

Here is a little map of the area where we were staying. The red arrow points to our croft house in Baliasta.

I love this! And especially how the honesty box at Bobby’s Bus Shelter honors it.
Cribbed from a geology web site: The geological wall outside the Unst Heritage Centre, Haroldswick, constructed using samples of the specific rocks to show the lithologies and their relative positions (Photo SRB). To the left (west) are continental rocks and to the right (east), layers of obducted oceanic crust. The steep dip of the layers is the result of the collision that closed the Iapetus Ocean. A small, rectangular silver sign shows the position of the ‘Moho’ (Mohorovicic Discontinuity), the contact between the crust and mantle, normally at a depth of 35 km.

There are, basically, two places to dine out in Unst. One is a little sort-of cafe adjoined to a community shop, and the other is Victoria’s Vintage Tea Room. On this dreich day, it was perfect! We were happy to score a table overlooking the bay.

A nice big pot o’ tea!
Cheese and chutney roll, buttered oatcake, hot tomato soup, and a salad. Perfect lunch!
It worked!
Our sitting room was perfect! And very warm when the fire was going.
Deliciously rainy.
Chicken, rice, and veggies. Not very adventurous cuisine, but hit the spot!

A pretty quiet day! It was nice to snuggle down and stay warm, and make some plans for the next day.

22 June, 2022


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