10. Day Five of the Walk: Kerne Bridge to Ross-on-Wye

This was one of my favorite days of walking, beautiful, just challenging enough, and perfect weather. The walk out of Kerne Bridge started level but quickly presented me with the first, biggest climb of the day. Total elevation change this section 1200 feet, and a compact 5.5-mile walk to Ross-on-Wye. And arrival in Ross signaled the half-way point of my walk! Woot!

Fresh-faced and ready to walk!
Up there into those trees. That’s where I’m going.
Grinding stone remnant by the path.
Going up there, steeper than it looks.
Post-climb, unzipped. Met some nice folks doing three days on the Walk.
Forget-me-not, please.
Pretty little flowers.
One of many beautiful views on this leg of the Walk.
Closest I managed to get to a lark. They have the most beautiful song.
Bluebells or mirage??
I wondered what those were.
There’s some now!
You guys! I’m over here!
A very slow skedaddle.
A vineyard, rather unusual in this area. Pretty sure it’s Wythall Estate Vineyards.

This entire section of the Wye Valley Walk was through rolling hills and meadows. I didn’t descend back to the river until reaching Ross-on-Wye.

I spy Ross-on-Wye.
From the trees to the pavement.
And thus into town. Staying at yet another King’s Head! A very unattractive website, but a very nice hotel.

The day’s walk got me into town well before check-in time, so I decided to have the lunch I’d packed and a walk around the town before settling in and deciding on a dinner plan. I think I found the perfect spot!

Man of Ross Inn.

John Kyrle was a philanthropist, and by all accounts an excellent human being. Alexander Pope eulogizes him thusly:
Who taught that heav’n directed Spire to rise?
The Man of Ross, each lisping babe replies.
Behold the Market-place with poor o’erspread!
He feeds yon Alms-house, neat, but void of state,
Where Age and Want sit smiling at the gate;
Him portion’d maids, apprentic’d orphans blest,
The young who labour, and the old who rest.
Is any sick? the Man of Ross relieves,
Prescribes, attends, the med’cine makes, and gives,
Is there a variance? enter but his door,
Balk’d are the Courts, and contest is no more.
Despairing Quacks with curses fled the place,
And vile Attornies, now a useless race.

All I can say is, that was a fine place to sit, and a fine ale to sip.

As I do.
A meta moment.
The river is slow and green here.
This is the path out of town I will take tomorrow.
Lovely sculpture, same artist as the salmon at Man of Ross Inn, above.
This hotel dates from the 14th Century, and was just beautiful. Apologies for lack of photos of the interior. But this room was really nice, even if the floor had a good foot’s slant.

I was tempted by the hotel’s pub, but just *may* have been a little tired of pub fare. I decided to take myself out to a fancy dinner at a local restaurant that had high marks, No. 3. It did not disappoint.

Best table in the house for little ol’ me.
Gin elderflower fizz and me.
Wild mushroom and garlic pesto tagliatelle, with shaved parm, peashoots, and rocket. A delicious pile.
Vanilla & rhubarb panna cotta
Set vanilla cream, rhubarb compote & jelly, shortbread biscuit crumb.

The real treat at the end of the day was some Facetime with my fella and my kitty. This was how most days either began or ended on my walk. It made the solitary nature of the trip so much sweeter.

These two. My loves.

6 May, 2022


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  1. Adding that taglitelle to the menu soon!


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