79. Day 16 in England: A Lovely Day in Peckham Rye

Many years ago, Melinda moved to London (from the SF Bay Area) with her family for work. We’d been sorta kinda in touch, but when I knew I’d be some time in London, I contacted her and found out she lives in the next neighborhood over from where we were staying! Peckham Rye is a super diverse, hip neighborhood, with loads of out of the way shopping areas and eateries, loads of art spaces, and murals everywhere! It was a bus ride away, and we had a LOVELY day. Here are some highlights, with LOTS of Anya, as she loves the camera as much as it loves her!

The following photos were taken at the Copeland Gallery in the Bussey Building, a wonderful maze of creative and commercial spaces; and around the neighborhood.

Our lunch at Persepolis was one of the best of my entire trip. Amazing dishes, and we did feast like crazy!
Jiggity jig. This was an evening to gather all of our stuff and take care of cleaning up the apartment! Alarms set for ridiculous o’clock, we heard tales of terror about Heathrow!

17 July 2022


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