08. Day Three of the Walk: Monmouth to Symonds Yat

I took the Peregrine Path from Monmouth to Symonds Yat instead of the Wye Valley Walk, as I’d heard there was a closure on the WVW. The walk was level and sedate, paved most of the way (could have worn my Allbirds), no challenges at all. Met lovely folks along the way, a couple of whom I saw later at the Royal Lodge, where I stayed for the night.

The way out of Monmouth was on a regular street, so there was traffic to deal with, but not too much. The path marking wasn’t great at the start, so I was very grateful for my OS Maps app.

Setting out all fresh and well rested.
Just a pretty scene.
Well, sure, build a castle there.
Nice to see ya, river.
The day went along like this.
Biblins Bridge, an iconic feature of the Walk. There is camping nearby.
Didn’t *need* to cross the bridge, but I did anyway.
From Biblins Bridge and less than a mile from Symonds Yat.

I achieved Symonds Yat without much effort, so I had plenty of energy left for the climb to Yat Rock, on a path right behind my hotel. I had some energy in reserve, so thought I’d just go for it and have lunch at The Saracen’s Head afterwards, as a reward. I’m quite big on rewarding myself, in case that’s gone unnoticed.

Yat Rock only 1/2 mile. But emphatically vertical. I was dreading it, but it had to be done. I did climb a bit past the path, up a roughly paved road that was super slippery (thanks to a little rain shower) and steep. I realized something was not-right, and almost fell a couple of times finding my way back to the correct path. So yay me, I got some EXTRA elevation!

1/2 Mile STRAIGHT UP!!
Not many trig points achieved on this whole trip, generally. I was happy to touch this one.
Worth every bloody step. This is one for the guide books.
A different aspect of the awesome view.

For the Sex Education Fans: right below here are the rocks where Jackson and Cal smoked a doobie and had some deep convo.

And another, toward the village.

As I was almost all the way down, I noted where I had gone off the track at the beginning of the climb. What I saw from that aspect that I had NOT seen before was this:

Jean and Otis’s house!! Right there!!

I had known that the house was *somewhere* near Symonds Yat, and I kept looking for it along the walk, but this was completely unexpected! I’m pretty sure I squealed quite audibly. The Chateau is a private house and not open to the public. I was quite thrilled to just be in its presence! Incidentally, the caravan park where Maeve lives in the show is near Biblins Bridge, but I didn’t realize that until I had left the area. All in all, not the worst location to miss — caravan parks all sorta look the same.

Here’s a nice view from a distance. What a setting.
The Saracens Head provided a nice sandwich and pint overlooking the river. I think everyone who comes to Symonds Yat is required have a snack and a pint here.
The view from the window of my room. Ahhhh!
From the lawn outside my room. Double sigh.
Down by the river.
I’m sure this sunset was SUPER awesome from the top of Yat Rock. Awesome enough for me from the lawn by my room. *Yawn*

The next day would see me walk about 7.5 miles to Kerne Bridge. Terrain didn’t look *too* challenging, but…we shall see, shan’t we!

5 May, 2022


2 responses to “08. Day Three of the Walk: Monmouth to Symonds Yat”

  1. Christine Cole Avatar
    Christine Cole

    If you had painted your ‘worth every bloody step’ and ‘down by the river’ pictures, people would say you’d exaggerated. Lovely!


    1. No question, the view from Yat Rock was the most dramatic of the entire walk. So many wonders, though, great and small.


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