22. Day Four in Llwyngwril: Wales Coastal Path, Standing Stones, and a Sunset

This was a walk I did in 2018, and I repeated it for three big reasons: the views are beautiful, it starts right outside my door, and standing stones. For a few reasons, the walk four years ago turned out to be really long, like 11 miles. I decided to take it a little easier this time, and make a detour that would take me to a second set of standing stones I hadn’t seen last time.

This walk is part of the Welsh Coastal Path, which is 870 miles long. I did about 1/100th of it, woot!

A perfect start.
I love that someone way back in time named this flower “foxglove.”
Coastal path! It’s uphill from here.
The little village of Llwyngwril, and Cardigan Bay.
Tucked in on the right, the village of Barmouth. The Mawddach estuary goes inland there, stay tuned for that walk coming soon!
Moss and lichen. <Insert pun here>.

Llwyngwril was reputedly named after the lowland giant Gwril. According to legend, he had a cousin named Idris who was the upland giant who lived on a nearby mountain called Cadair Idris (Idris’ Chair) The legend tells how these two giants threw stones at each other as they did not get on. This accounts for the standing stones which are visible over the mountain.

And there you have it!
Its origin and purpose are still a total mystery.
I tried to find what this circular stone formation was, but couldn’t find anything. It may just be an old sheep fold. But it looks more mystical than that!
Closer up. See what I mean?
A particularly sweet face. And mama keeping an eye on me.
Cairns aplenty.
Second set of stones.
Amazing to me, someone put these here for a reason.
And now they just sit in a field of sheep with no big deal made about them.
Not all survive.
A rare bovine sighting!
“Now that I have your attention…”
Descending into the village.
“We found a sekrit passage!!!”
I wanted to knock on their door.
Sunset part 1.
Sunset part 2.
Sunset part 3.
Sunset part 4.
One last one.
Evidence of a past yarn-bombing event! It’s a thing here.

Fabulous day full of views and ancient mysteries, capped off by a gorgeous sunset, homemade dinner and a cider. This vacation within a vacation is all I could have hoped it to be.

18 May, 2022


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