04. Chepstow, a Town and Its Castle

A short train ride north took me to Chepstow, the starting point of the Wye Valley Walk. In its own right, it’s a very cute and quaint little village. It knew a fair amount of fame in the 18th century when it became the hub of Wye Valley tourism. Read more about William Gilpin and the “birth of British tourism” here.

I arrived early with plenty of time to drop off my bag and explore the town and, most especially, Chepstow Castle. Building began on this massive structure in 1067, and continued through several centuries until it fell into permanent decay in the 1700s. Not a bad run, though! And it still is an impressive example of Norman castle architecture.

Impressive cliff’s edge construction!
Probably food storage/larder
This was the Great Hall, where formal dinners were held.
Original castle gateway doors. Carbon dating shows they were build in 1190, making them the oldest in Europe.
Entryway to sleeping chambers
So much detail still remains through the centuries
The beginning of the Wye Valley Walk.
This stone was delivered from Plynlimon, the source of the Wye River and the final stop on the Wye Valley Walk. I didn’t go that far 🙂 There is a stone from Chepstow marking the official end of the Walk in Plynlimon.
Festivities and demonstrations in the courtyard! First time they had been out since 2019. A jolly good show!
The castle from the Wye Valley Walk.

Further explorations of the town, to the town gate and an very nice old church and it’s graveyard.

Along the high street, a history of all the businesses that resided in the buildings. I loved this! Also, love my Allbird shoes.
One end of the bridge over the Wye.
The other end of the bridge. I was staying on this side of the Wye, but the walk crossed over frequently.
Town rockers!
St. Mary’s Church
Gothic graveyard
My tiny, perfect room at The Beaufort Hotel for the night before starting my 100-mile walk.
First bluebell sighting!
Spring sprung in Chepstow.
Pizza and beer for dinner. This brew was awesome!

I went to bed with the sound of rain, hoping it would stop, or at least not get heavier overnight. I slept like a stone, looking forward to an early start to my first day of walking on the Wye Valley Way.

30 April, 2022


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  1. fabulous shoes!


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