26. Day Eight in Llwyngwril: A Rain Day at Arthog Falls & Mawddach Estuary, and a Pub Reward

Here’s the thing about the UK: assume it’s going to rain on your plans. In 2018, I had astounding weather mojo, and for this trip I certainly had no call to complain. This is mostly because I was prepared with waterproof boots, overclothes, and cover for my day pack.

I do love waterfalls, and the falls at Arthog are near an estuary where I hiked last time, but I missed them. The Mawddach Estuary is lovely to walk, no matter what the weather.

Love the color of the water.
I saw a bird flinging this snail onto the pavement. It flew away with the gooey insides.
Many photos will be much like this, lots of green and trees.
Walking through the estuary park
Walking to the path to Arthog Falls
I had to walk along a treacherous road to get to this path! Waved my walking sticks at cars!
That’s up.
Pretty little falls.
Near the top. There was a scrambly way to get to the tippy top, but with the rain and slick rocks, I opted to head back down.
Getting toward the end of bluebell season.
Love the tree tunnel!
I didn’t feel like more climbing, so I opted for a flatter path. Thought I had directions well in hand..
I love these wild irises and misty hills in the background.
This is shortly before I lost the path.
I didn’t take photos of how lost I got.
Heading off toward getting lost.
Just a little ways on, I was supposed to take a left off this little road.
Who needs a sunny day?? Not me!
I had just fought my way through the weeds and trees, following a sheep path to civilization – which in truth was never very far away, just a little out of sight and reach. Hooray, Sheep!! They didn’t lead me astray.
Two distant humans.
Barmouth Bridge is really great!
From the bridge.
Rail trail!!
Just magical muted colors.
The mist adds such drama to the hills.
I had a lot more photos. The light just kept changing by degrees.
THAT was the path I should’ve ended up on to the bridge. I ended up 1.5 miles out of the way.
Frankly a bit happy this walk was over.
And SUPER happy to find the pub open!
TBH, I downed two Aspall ciders really fast, and was absurdly happy for this burger, salad, and chips!
That is a righteously cleaned plate, and why I devoured it with glee.

Despite the early hour, this was a crazy long day! I don’t entirely remember, but a hot shower and comfy bed called me before it was dark outside. No big plans for the next day, happily.

22 May, 2022


One response to “26. Day Eight in Llwyngwril: A Rain Day at Arthog Falls & Mawddach Estuary, and a Pub Reward”

  1. “That’s up” is one of my favourite pictures so far. I’ll love it even more when you paint it!


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