67. Day Three in England: Just Hanging in Sheringham

While I was planning on adventuring with Christine and Josianne in Sheringham and nearby towns, David had determined to leave us gals to our fun and head off on a solitary urban adventure to Glasgow. So back Northwestward with him for four days, and we would meet again in London!

Christine’s house is a half-block from the train station. How easy is that?
Back home suppin’ java in the garden.
Joined by the lovely Callie.
I enjoyed the company.
So lovely out here.
Wait, what?
Bella is a bit of a bitch.

We had a lovely afternoon with Mike and Susan, the next door neighbors. Lots of wine and snacks, and a tour of some of Mike’s artwork. Love the “outsider” vibe to his work, very very much.

I would know the Sheringham coast anywhere. The flint stone beach. And as you’ll see, he captured the Sheringham sunset spot-on.
Just love these colors.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this painting.
Amazing detail.
Hilarious. Love that it’s a Viking ship. Dutch windmill in the distance.
Me and Mike, courtesy of Christine!
This is not one of Mike’s, but it has the outsider style I love. We gathered round and admired the details in this one for a long time!
Hello, Bella!

It was delightful to have a quiet day to just chill after so much activity of the first two days. I just adored Sheringham, it is a perfect little seaside town.

3 July 2022


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