64: One Day in Aberdeen

Coming into the harbor, Aberdeen, about 7:30 AM! Yes, that is a very grey day you see. Very soon, there would be a steady rain a’fallin’.

Fortunately, we were able to drop off our bags to our digs for the night, and set off on foot around town until the cafe opened that I was determined to break our fast at, Bonobo. You may remember it from almost exactly a month ago LOL!

But when I was there before, there was no sign of Mickey the Cafe Cat! Really, it’s ALL about Mickey.

Good kitty!
You may want to, but DON’T DO IT!
Their vegan fry-up is amazeballs.

We spent the afternoon strolling and ended up in the Aberdeen Art Gallery. There was a really good collection of Scottish artists. I didn’t take a lot of photos, but here are some of my favorites. I can’t ID all the artists, my apologies for that.

Excellent oculus.
Adam and Eve Tiara, Bouke de Vries (2011)
Head of Francis Bacon, Study No. 6 (Head & Teeth), Clive Barker (1978)

The next three are by Calum Colvin, “Brief Encounter” (1990). Cibachrome prints. Reminded me of Geoff Yeomans, whom you’ll remember from my May post from Machynlleth!

Feedback Loop, Kenny Hunter (2003)
It was quite a journey to finally get some food at this restaurant. Once we got it, it was good. I’m not going to name it, though, because we suspect this is where David got infected with Covid thanks to very “up close and personal” chef and server.
And finally, blue sky!

A long day in Aberdeen. I didn’t love the city, I must admit. Or maybe it was just that I had been very isolated and out of city energy for such a very long time. Anyway, only one day and sleep here, then off to Sheringham (via Norwich) to visit my college bestie Christine!

30 June 2022


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