66. Day Two in England: Breakfast on the Sea, Morris Dances, a Train Ride

A beautiful morning in Sheringham! We got up early for a walk along the boardwalk, and breakfast at Whelk Coppers.

These ladies are out there swimming almost every day! Brrrr!
This was amazing beans on toast, and a perfect eggie.

And now, a bunch of Morris dancing!!

Steps away from Christine’s house!
Exceptional costumery!
More great costumes.
Carry a big stick.
I really liked this groups costumery.
One of the many feathers in Sheringham’s cap!

Historical railways are pretty popular in the UK, with its extensive adoption of rail as a typical way people get around on a daily basis. We rode The North Norfolk Railway trains a couple of times during our stay — the route doesn’t go too far, but it’s a grand ride.

This beautiful steam engine.
Zipping along.
Yes, that IS a Dutch windmill in the distance!
All of the station stops were just lovely.
Coming into Sheringham.
A walk by the sea in the golden hour, the turbines shining in the distance.
Beautiful Bella!!

Walking into Christine’s entry hall, David noticed this lovely assemblage of old cigarette cards in a frame. And LO! Who should he spot but his great-aunt Suzanne Kaaren! We were gobsmacked. Christine had gotten this treasure in the early 1990’s at an antiques mart in Sheringham. Coincidence, serendipity, what you will — pretty extraordinary.

Fabulous Sheringham Day! The Morris Dancing festival was such a revelation — I’d seen lots of Morris in my day, but never the sheer creativity of the costumery as at this festival! I really had no idea, most of the troupes I’ve seen are pretty traditional. The music and basic dancing is the same, though, they sure don’t mess with that!

2 July 2022


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