61. Day 29 in Shetland: Le Petit Cafe, Hermaness Visit II

The day started in Uyeasound, where we went to pick up Mila for an outing to Hermaness and her first puffins. Got a few more photos of the peerie French cafe and booo-tique! Not just yummy French foods for sale via Honesty Box, but rocks, beverages, and a little garden as well.

Could there be a better place for a brief repast? Looking out on the little island of Uyea.
Rabbit Season! No, Duck Season!
Why on earth didn’t I buy some of these??
Papa Fergus’s little potato garden.
A welcoming message!
A well-stocked grocerie.
First puffin o’ the day! It was very windy, so they were pretty hunkered down.
What a sweet lil ball o’puffin.
Puffins on a cliffside.
Dese babies relaxing.
Puffins and sheeps and a geo.
Puffin family.
Mila, soaking it in.
Gannet colony.
So beautiful.
My two favorite birds.
Mind-boggling cliffs and a domestic scene. Shetland ewes are famous for their maternal skills.
Action shot!
Moar round puffins!
My favorite of the day.
Looking back, a stunning sky and sea.
Sky reflection in the water and the Saxa Vord RAF radar station in the distance.

It was a wonderful day with David and Mila and ALL the birds and sheeps. It was a gorgeous, if windy, day. Back at the croft, we started gathering our stuff for departure on the Northlink Ferry in 48 hours. But before that: one more day of adventuring!

27 June 2022


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