68a. Day Four in England: Early Morning Walkies, A Very Good Bookstore, Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice

The real treat of the day was a visit to Peter’s Book Shop! Christine was pretty sure that a goodly share of the book in the store came from her house over the years. (I’m sorry I didn’t get a proper photo of Christine’s bookshelves that she built herself, and which are stuffed with books, as are bookshelves throughout the house. A prodigious reader and collector is Christine!) But this shop was a treasure trove, and I was lucky to traveling because I would have scored a major haul here.

You can see why I was in heaven. Books ceiling to floor and, well, even beyond. I believe there was a a hidden dimension with even more books we couldn’t see on this plane of existence.

The “Inception” Room.
He’s not kidding.

Christine scored this beautiful edition, and I had to photograph the luscious A.E. Jackson illustrations. It turns out I have an edition of “Water Babies” illustrated by him, purchased only for the color plates and incidental illustrations.

Perhaps a tattoo when I turn 70….
I would love to find this China pattern.
Perhaps a second tattoo?
Or even a third.

Next entry will be a collection of photographs from the first years of my and Christine’s friendships, and some of our dear friends from that time, two hundred years or 42 years ago.

4 July 2022


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