40. Day Seven in Shetland: One Last Day in Hamnavoe and Minn Beach

This day was for doing one last bit of exploring in West Burra, on Minn Beach. The day prior, before my petrel adventure, I had gone shopping for groceries for the the three days I would be on the isle of Foula (where there is no shop). They were to be delivered by boat. I had nothing to do on this day but sleep late, do final packing (just what I needed on the isle, the rest could stay in the car at the airport), and relax for a bit. It was a very cloudy day with no hope of sun, so perfect for the tasks at hand and no pressure to do anything else.

Since I was going to be in a small plane and on a small island, I felt it was responsible to test myself before departing the following morning.
The road to Minn Beach and its beautiful white sand and impressive tombolo. Now you know what that is!
Beautiful calm and clear North Atlantic.
That sky is a drama queen.
The tombolo. It looked like there was a nice walk along the south side of this little bay, but I was content to just hang out, thank you.
The clouds were stacking up beautifully, my cue to head home for dinner and a good sleep before moving on to The Next Big Thing.

5 June, 2022


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