49. Day 17 in Shetland: Hams of Muckle Roe Almost, Trows, and an Ancient Mill

Again anticipating a mixed-weather day, I set out for Muckle Roe and a walk to the Hams. Enjoy the photos on the link, because you won’t see them here. I didn’t make it, as the weather turned, but no regrets on this walk! I found some hidden things.

As I hiked from my parking place, I passed a farm road that appeared to go to the Hams, but I thought I’d hike along the coastline and do the 7-mile walk. Again, good intentions.

Looking down on Muckle Ayre beach.
Along the way.

About halfway to the lighthouse, I didn’t much like the look of the path ahead, narrow, rocky. There looked to be some scrambling, which I don’t do. So I figured I’d backtrack and take the road to the Hams, which was what I wanted to see anyway.

I decided to cut across the moorland to the road, crossing Mill Burn. I deviated from the path, and ended up down in the gully with the burn. And lo! I saw what at first appeared to be a pile of stones was an old mill. The stone was intact, which is pretty unusual, I have come to understand.

Looking down the burn from the mill.
That’s a gorgeous piece of granite.
Looking back at the mill.
Looking up the Burn.

I did some internet searches, but found only a couple of references to the mill. It isn’t named or marked on the OS map, which is usually pretty thorough about such things. There *is* a large Norse Mill closer to the Hams, but this little one remains….not quite undiscovered, but certainly unmarked. “All who wander are not lost,” and I was quite happy to have been a little lost, but mostly just a-wandering.

This beautiful moor. There are no sheep grazing this area, so the moorland is intact.
Espied these friendly trow from a distance. The colors confused my eyes until I got closer.
Keepers of the Way.
A little further on, two of their fellows.
Very benign trows…
…with their little pet squirrels.
Heading toward the Hams.
Past the Burki Waters

And just about here, the weather turned, and so did I, back toward my car. I would not make it to the Hams of Muckle Roe, but I found my own little Norse Mill, and a gathering of trows.

Heading back.
Lovely gardens at the end of the road.
A view out to the islets in the Bay.
Back home, Ginger awaits pets. But I am not there to give them.

I had already pretty much learned, if you don’t complete a walk, there is a very slim chance you’ll return and repeat. So I knew the Hams of Muckle Roe would be there for a future trip to Shetland, but not this one.

15 June, 2022


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