46. Day 14 in Shetland: Sand, Vementry, Skeld Community Tea

This was my last full day in this part of Shetland, and it started with a delicious breakfast! I had decided to do a few things that Dave and Debbie had suggested, one involving a walk to test my knee without the brace. I didn’t mention before that my knee just got better day by day during this week. I was walking a bit, resting it a lot. The brace really helped.

Oatmeal with molasses. Wow!

Following are some photos of Dave and Debbie’s fabulous home. It was home to me, too, while I was there. They are wonderfully creative and kind people, and gave me so much great information for my further travels.

Dave made this headboard from an old garage door. They playful art above is indicative of their whimsical, Bohemian sensibility.
LOVED having USB charging stations right by the bed!!
Dave also built this light and charging station.
Perfect place to park some stuff, too.
This glorious painting of the raging sea. Always in view from the bed.
There was a lot of seriously beautiful china and ceramic ware. I adore this pattern.
The main feature of my sitting room! I love this mural, plus all the things to grab the attention and imagination. That’s a peat burner, but we didn’t fire it up (I was a little sorry about that).
This is poorly lit, but I love the scarlet ibis pattern.
Any shelf that features creepy dolls is alright by me!!
My sitting room. I spent a lot of time here when I was home. The window looks out on Debbie’s lush gardens.
There was art everywhere, a lot of it gifted to them or purchased from friends and local artists. This was the breakfast bar. Tea kettle at the ready!

The weather was a little iffy when I started out, but it never did rain and wasn’t too windy. My first stop on the way to the beach at Sand was the Sand Honesty Box, by this bus stop.

Not a whole lot on offer today. (The fridge acts as an insulator, it’s not actually plugged in to anything.)
Yes, gluten free even on the edge of the world.
Dave and Debbie suggested Sand Beach. It’s where they take their pupper for walks. It was really gorgeous. So many textures.
My sights were on the cemetery, too.
It was a bit chilly. Have I mentioned, I LOVE my Buff multipurpose scarf? Well I do. One of the best buys for this trip.

Formerly the site of St. Mary’s Chapel, most likely built in the late 16th century. The cemetery has lots of recently interred inhabitants!

This archway is all that’s left of the chapel. It is quite lovely.
Arrrrrrr. Probably not a pirate buried here. Not too unusual to see skull and crossbones grave markers.

I was told a drive see the uninhabited isle of Vementry was a way to see some lovely scenery. This was good information! On the way, I saw this cairn and wondered if it was anything.

I drove on to the end of the road (no good place to park there) and after admiring the isle in the distance (sorry no photo from there), I turned around to head back. I pulled off to admire the cairn a little closer this time, and the lovely loch and ponies in the field.

Hrm. A path! Doesn’t look too steep!
The hills in the back ground were so pretty.

After admiring those views, I decided WTF and decided to climb up to the cairn. It was a stiff climb, and very windy! But totally worth it for the views of Vementry and all the hills surrounding me.

Vementry in the distance.
I was about there, not quite at the cliff though.
Another cairn in the distance. Not today!
Vementry on the right.
The view is magnificent, but…
…the lichen is the star of the show, sometimes.
Back down to the road. This loch, the hills, the sky.

Debbie had alerted me that there was a community tea going on in Skeld on this day. The community tea is a Shetland tradition that goes back a long ways. It is in different communities, every Sunday during the summer months. Visitors are welcome! It’s quite a spread, with loads of sandwiches and homebakes, and bottomless cups of coffee or tea.

I sat with a couple of older ladies and had a fabulous conversation with them. One of them, it turns out, grew up near the lighthouse at Muckle Fluga. More on that later.
All of this for five quid.

I inadvertently shrunk my wood hat I’d crocheted for this trip. VERY sad trombone! Not only was it warm, it was my ONLY warm cap. I was hankering for a Fair Isle hat, but they are a little spendy (around 30-40 quid). Debbie suggested I go to the charity shop in Aith, which was thankfully open on a Sunday! I went and didn’t see anything good, but I did find a warm hat that was…..okay. I went up to purchase it and what should I see hanging behind the counter?

It’s like it was made for me, personally! Best find of the trip!!!
This was dinner LOL! Didn’t need dinner after the feast at Skeld.
Was I waiting in the sitting room, or sitting in the waiting room? I WAS waiting for bedtime, as it happens. I had packed up, too, for this was my last sleep in Skeld.

12 June, 2022


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