75. Day 12 in England: Crystal Palace Park, Christine Arrives, and Love for Virginia Woolf

The days are so long, every day feels like two days! You can do TWO BIG THINGS in one day during the summer in the UK!

This day started with taking the Overground to its terminus at Crystal Palace, and wandering over to the park. All in all, I felt the park had seen better days, and indeed: its history as a “Victorian pleasure ground” is long past. After a rocky start and much walking along city sidewalks, we finally got into the park and utterly enjoyed it! The dinosaurs were a hoot, most of them created in the late 19th century, and considered very accurate with the scientific information they had at the time.

He aspires.
“Everything Everywhere Limited.”

The sheer number of dino statues here is impressive, and they are delightfully perched everywhere. You won’t be sorry if you embiggen these photos! The setting is delightful as well.

Ohai! Chomp!
This wasn’t officially part of the dinosaur park, and we just could NOT figure out WTH we were looking at. I’m still not sure.

After the park outing, David went home and I met Christine fresh off the train from Sheringham (more or less)! We took some moments to have a bite and a pint or two before heading to Virginia and Leonard Woolf’s old address. Their house, of course, was no longer there. But it felt like hallowed ground anyway!

Both Christine and I studied Woolf’s writing back in our college days, she a lot more intensely than I. In fact, she spent a summer amidst Virginia’s letters and diaries in the British Museum Library.

In her footsteps, across the street from #52. It is also known as Peace Park, with a statue of Ghandi, a growing memorial to the victims of Hiroshima, and a stone dedicated to conscientious objectors.
We both agreed, this is a horrible bust, but I must include it anyway. It in no way captures her singular beauty.
First British woman to be qualified as a surgeon, Louisa Brandreth Alrich-Blake.
Christine at play, Russell Square — another hangout of the Bloomsbury set.
It WAS a very hot day!

Our lovely flat in Brockley had plenty of room for the three of us, and we had a lovely day wandering around, and then resting.

13 July 2022


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