16. Market Day, Hay-on-Wye

You know what I really enjoyed? A day off. I wandered around the market and got some home bakes and cider, then just explored the town a little. Didn’t take a lot of photographs, just really enjoyed the villageness of it. There were so many bookstores — I only visited a very small percentage.

Market setting up.
I really wanted everything from this stand.
Entering town. Love the crossing signs at the top. Lots of old people and young ‘uns!
This is a festival town in the summer. I planned my walk to end in the town well before the 2-week world-renowned literary festival in late May. I didn’t even *know* about this one!
The store with the interesting window was open!
And it was all that!
Bizarre shadowbox art
Cabinets of Curiosities
This shop was next door, but closed.
I’m just all about this, doll parts to Eels CD.
Today’s booty, not quite as healthy but OMG so good.

12 May, 2022


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