69a. Day Five in England: Car Boot Sale, Cromer, Coastal Walk to Weybourne

Christine and I set out early in the day for a car boot sale in either East or West Runton, I’m not sure which. I found a cute little sleeveless summer dress (looking toward some very hot weather coming up in London, and me without any summer clothes) for £1, and Christine scored some this-and-thats.


The three of us set out for Cromer, the next major town east of Sheringham. It felt a lot more “towny” than Sheringham, but I think that’s because it is more vertical. The kirk certainly is! St. Peter & St. Paul.

Basically all the buildings in Norwich are made of flint stonework. I really hadn’t realized what a beautiful and adaptable stone it is. All the beaches are some sand and lots lots lots of flint rocks.
The decorated dead.
The walked-upon dead.
I didn’t get many close-ups of the stained glass, but it was all gorgeous. Here’s a nice little piece about the modern windows I didn’t photograph.
I loved the wood work!
Gorgeous organ!

There was a wonderful show of community art by kids to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. These were my favorites.

Josiane strolling down a lovely little residential street.
That sky. Wow!
Lovely shoreline.
Interesting clouds, beautiful sea. The North Sea, to be exact.
We found the Banksy!
My first Banksy! And only, so far.
Best ever sand castle. Love the flint gateway. Will it withstand the siege of the barbarian??
It survived. Close up on the rocks. They are beautiful.
A complexity of coastal buildings.
Very pretty boat in dry dock.
Back in Sheringham, Callie is taking a nap in the garden.
Camouflaged Bella.

Since we started out early, I had plenty of time in the late morning and afternoon to set out for a nice 5 mile coastal walk to Weybourne, the next town West. I planned to have lunch there and take the bus back to Sheringham.

I was so thrilled to see some people using these changing cabins! They let me take their picture, I was so happy!
Taking the Coast Path! Threatening sky, a little chilly, but no rain!
English poppies are bigger and redder than California poppies. So pretty.
Looking back at Sheringham.
Looking West. The path parallels a golf course for a fair ways. Heh, see what I did there?
This windmill is flipping amazing. I’d LOVE to stay in this house for a week!
The lovely road into Weybourne.
Chippie Bap and a beer at The Ship Inn!
A little walk around a quaint little town.

The church in Weybourne is fascinating, with 10th century ruins connected to a more modern (1500’s) building. All Saints Church. Here’s a history.

The Saxon tower.
There, that’s more like it!

And then we feasted on meat and melted cheese on Josiane’s raclette grill! OMG SO MUCH MEAT AND CHEESE!!!

Note the token salad LOL!!! We put the meat and cheese on potatoes. SO GOOD! With a lot of pickles.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this fabulous day, one of the most dramatic sunsets of my my young life!

6 July 2022


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