38. Day Five in Shetland: Moar Puffins, Cake Fridge Found, Beach Ramble, and Sunset

My big plan for this day was to be some kayaking, but the guide had to cancel, so I had a whole day to play with. So what does one do? THIS one headed back to Sumburgh to see if any puffins would come out to play!

The road crosses the landing strip at Sumburgh Airport. I wish I had caught the plane landing!
The only puffin of the day was as I was entering the lighthouse grounds! I felt lucky to get a couple of shots of dis peerie tammie norrie.

Wandering around the lighthouse area a bit, I managed to grab a video of the great Fresnel Lens in motion!

A little history and geology of Sumburgh.
YET ANOTHER stunningly beautiful day.
At the lighthouse cafe, having a bite and a view of Fitful Head in the distance.

I walked around to the places I had seen puffins before, but alas, they were shy on this day. Saw loads of fulmars and guillemots as usual, though! So I decided to head back home and try to find a cake fridge I’d been following on Facebook. I had just discovered it was in the Hamnavoe area (Papil in West Burra, near where the star is at Minn Beach).

It was quite a drive on mostly single-track roads to find Marina’s!
Success!!! And the baker was having a Platinum Jubilee party in the backyard! It was lovely to meet her.
This was not going to be easy. I didn’t want to over-buy because I’d be leaving for Foula in a couple of days…..
But how is one to choose???
Aero biscuit tiffin with afternoon tea!
Later, that same day, lemon drizzle cake with wine!

So one doesn’t have to choose just one, does one?

So a little about cake fridges. This is a Shetland thing. Now, other places have honesty boxes, with eggs and farm goods, homebakes sweet and savory, jams, breads, etc. In fact — here’s one in Northton (Harris) that I loved.

But the concept of a refrigerated container with homebakes and also an honesty box is something else. Marina’s wasn’t the only one I’d visit, in fact I got to most of them on my list! And the world became aware of this wonder through the detective series “Shetland,” by the by. But because I was on various Shetland Facebook groups, it went on my list far before I saw the series. (BTW, some were not “fridges” per se, but fancy ice chests or other insulated containers.)

Delicious food at Croft 36 in Northton, Harris, 2018

Thus fortified — I set out walking to Meal Beach, which by the map was not too far from my digs in Hamnavoe.

Lovely shell house. I saw a couple of these in Shetland.
A little peep of snowy white sand! Meal Beach.

The walk to the beach, though less than a mile, was treacherous because there is no place for pedestrians to walk on the road. I had to leap into the weeds more than once! But it was worth it.

Cold, clear sea water.
The softest sand my feet had ever felt.
Lots of folks wild swimming here. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Brrr!
On da beach.

And by 10:15 I was feeling done. But wait! I could tell from my window that there would be an awesome sunset. Out I went for one last walk for the day.

Interesting light phenomenon, like a rainbow flashlight to the left of the setting sun. It remained for quite some time, not just a flash.
Far off in the distance, under the cloud layer, you can see the Isle of Foula, where I would be in a few days.

The sunsets just go on and on and on, for well over a half hour the drama just keeps coming.

The little village of Hamnavoe. A peaceful place to spend a week.
This might be my award-winner.

3 June, 2022


One response to “38. Day Five in Shetland: Moar Puffins, Cake Fridge Found, Beach Ramble, and Sunset”

  1. Tiffin! That’s on my list – how was it? ND yAY for cake fridge! What an adorable little shell house.


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