44. Day 12 in Shetland: A Walk to Culswick Broch

Debbie and Dave gave me lots of advice about good walks that wouldn’t impact my knee too much. One of the them was Culswick Broch — though long, the terrain was pretty gentle with a developed path most of the way to the Broch. Before I left, I took this photo of a really cute little sake serving set on a shelf in my sitting room. Yes, that’s right, I had a sitting room!

A playful kitty!
One of the wonderful things about this walk was the huge number of birds along the way. Here is a lapwing, one of my favorite birds! They are so fussy.
Ringed plover.
The road ahead.
A peat bank. And me.
Two standing stones atop those hills. I didn’t have the juice to climb up to them.
The broch ruins in the distance.
A little closer, with more of the landscape.
This lintel piece has lasted in place for thousands of years. Amazing.
A view from the broch.
Another view from high above the loch.
Stonework that stands through the ages.
Crumbled, but still recognizable.
Another view from the broch.
I would have like to walk on to the cliffs and stacks.
Such beautiful granite.
By the way, it was quite a climb up to the broch. I enjoyed the rest.
What a spot. You can see the little causeway across the loch, for humans and sheep.
Rose granite.
Lovely wildflowers.
A worried little wheatear.
So many roads looked so much like this. Single track through peat bogs and past lochs. I’ll comment again on how amazingly maintained almost all the roads in Shetland are — thanks, Big Oil!

Stand by for a gorgeous sunset!


Another spectacular day in Shetland!

10 June, 2022


One response to “44. Day 12 in Shetland: A Walk to Culswick Broch”

  1. I’m surprised there are forgs so far north!


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