20. Day Two in Llwyngwril: Riding that (Cambrian Line) Train

There it is, right outside my window!! I *loved* having the train stop at my cottage. I literally crossed behind the house and through a gate, and stepped out on the platform. It was not loud or disruptive at all. I rode a train almost every day.

Today’s small adventure was to Tywyn (two stops) to go to a “real” grocery store, the Co-op chain which is the alternative to mega-chain Tesco. My *real* preference is a community store, but you often cannot find items and produce can be at the end of its shelf-life if you are shopping on an off day. I had my day pack and a cloth shopping bag, so very constrained by what I could buy. I rather like shopping like that!

A thrill every time!
Heading south to Tywyn, riding backwards.
A cute little town! Didn’t take many photos, but found a nice bakery and the Co-op grocery store is well-stocked.
Decided to drop by and see the steam train. Made a reservation for a couple of days hence.
Waitin’ for the train with my bags o’ food.
Big fat magpie giving me the side-eye.

Delightfully low-key day, and a nice chance to have a walk through Tywyn village (where I would return several times). It’s a quick and very nice train ride along the coast.

16 May, 2022


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