23. Day Five in Llwyngwril: A Beer, a Steam Train, a Sunset

I knew there were a few historic narrow-gauge steam train rides in this part of Wales, and I didn’t get to do any of them my last trip here. I determined to make up for it, and this little train started in Tywyn, just a couple of train stops from my cottage! I visited the station a couple of days prior, just to get a feel for it (and had a delicious lunch); so I bought an advance ticket that day and hopped in the late morning.

This little train boasts of being the first preserved railway line in the world, resurrected and restored in the 1950’s. It is almost entirely run by volunteers, and travels through a beautiful valley and past a couple of waterfalls.

Purple Moose Brewery makes a fine dark ale. And I could take it on the train ride with me!
I loved being in the open car. Sat with a really adorable young couple who were camping for a week on the coast.
A lot of this on the ride, green fields and hills and sheep. Lots of sheep.
Still some bluebells left!!
The Tom Rolt engine. He was the founder of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society.
So shiny!
Steam works
Green trees, running water.
So happy to be on ANOTHER train!
Pretty waterfall!
See the hole in the black part of the signal pole, halfway down?
Now check it out again! So happy I caught its little inhabitant entering.
Slate fence. The train originally hauled slate from the nearby quarry.
Such a perfect day for a train ride!
Before heading home, tea and cake in the sunshine.
Beware of trains. Especially when crossing tracks from one side to the other.
I was rewarded with another extraordinary sunset.
Seriously. No filter.
Day is done.

Today was a fun, touristy day! Low stakes, high fun. And a quiet evening at home, planning my adventure for the next day, a trip to Machynlleth.

19 May, 2022


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