07. A Day Off in Monmouth

I planned my walk to have an extra day when I had walked 10 or more miles (by the descriptions in the Cicerone book), and this mostly worked out. I came to believe that my Fitbit was measuring my miles by my stride, which is rather short. (I could have gotten a more accurate reading by using GPS data, but that is a battery-killer, and my Fitbit model is already on recall. I didn’t want to tax it or run down my battery during my walk.)

That means I had two days in Monmouth, a large and historic market town, originally settled by the Romans and put “on the map” after the Norman conquest in 1067, when the castle was constructed. And the castle was the first stop on my day of exploring, that is, after my Full English.

Heinz meanz beanz.

There’s not much left of the castle, and one is not allowed to go into the ruins. A pile of stones this old is awesome.

Life, and archways, persist.
The Priory was erected as a Benedictine monastery in 1070, and now you can get married or take a yoga class there! The monks would either be proud it is still standing, or be rolling in their graves, not sure which.
Priory detail
“Serve and Obey.” Rather surprised that motto survived the WWII years.
Monnow Bridge
Fabulous gate on Monnow Bridge. There was once an apartment up top.
Flow, River
St. Mary’s, the Priory church. Very pretty. A bit of the early history became part of the 18th century renovation.

I wandered a bit afield without consulting my map, and was pleased to find myself at this graveyard. Wandered around here for some time. It’s best not to be in a hurry ‘mongst the honored dead. Lest one offend.

Went Goth on the filter, as you do.

Had a burger and pint for lunch, and it was grand! But just about done with pub food at this point. Delicious, but *blergh*.

Stowford Cider was my go-to in Monmouth
And finally, a salad for dinner. And. Um. Another cider.

An early evening to pack up my bag and prepare for my next day’s 5-mile walk to Symond’s Yat. I was informed that part of the WVW was closed, but there was an alternate path on the other side of the river, so I located it on my map to avoid confusion next day. To bed, to bed, and onwards on the morrow!

4 May, 2022


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