15. Final Day of the Walk: Monnington-on-Wye to Hay-on-Wye

This was to be my final day of walking, but due to weather, I called it and caught a ride with Tracy when she picked up my bag. But before that, I had a great time chatting with my host and looking at her extensive library. I really do want to read the UK editions of the Harry Potter series someday. LOVE the covers!

Love the books, question the worldview of the author.
Yes, that is rain.
Breakfast, part one.
Breakfast part 2
I waited in the sitting room.
Man, was I ever glad I wasn’t walking in that.
The rain stopped as we drove into Hay! This is the alley to my flat. And yes, that’s a little cafe downstairs from it.
and that’s a really wonderful scone with clotted cream and jam, in my cute little flat.
My flat is in the castle walls. This is a view of the castle from the street outside. Unfortunately, it was closed for renovations.
View from the castle steps. This is the first of about 10 bookstores I visited! On the honor system.
It turned into a stunning day!
It just so happened, I had finished my previous book the day before. Therefore, justified shopping!

The following photos were all taken at an antiques market that is probably the best one I have ever or will ever visit. Took photos instead of spending money.

This Bakelite collection drove me crazy!
Want. All. Of. These.
and this
and these, please.
Took this photo for my honey. From a collection of school posters from the 1960’s.
Grocery shopping on my way home. Here’s my booty for the day!
I was SO HAPPY to be able to cook for myself. First time since I arrived in the UK two weeks prior. Spaghetti, veg, and a tasty cider with my Ruth Rendell.
A little post-dinner walk to the river.
OMG an honesty bookshop under a bridge!
A lovely evening. Hello, moon.
A mural along the street.
This shop was closed, but I was keen to return the next day!
My little bedroom, with skylight.
I really loved this kitchen!
Tiny but perfect bathroom.
As the dusk duskened, a cup of tea and McVities dark chocolate biscuits. So happy to be in Hay!

11 May, 2022


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