34. Day One in Shetland: Breakfast in Lerwick, Ancient History in Jarlshof, First Puffin at Sumburgh, Home in Hamnavoe

I woke as we were a little north of Sumburgh — although the ferry feels like it’s chugging along, it does take a while to work its way up the archipeligo.

First gannet sighting. I love them so.
First views of Lerwick.
Gangway to Shetland!
My little car for the duration. Decided to go for a walk around town before driving south to Jarlshof and Sumburgh. Also putting off the moment I had to drive on the left…
Sculpture “The Lightsome Buoy” by Jo Chapman.
Early morning Lerwick, Market Cross.
I never got to The Lounge for a pint or music. Next time!
Such a lovely town. “Da toon,” as the locals call it.
More public art, lots of it throughout Lerwick. “Closs” is “close,” or alleyway.
What a gorgeous day I landed on!
Dim Riv, replica Viking ship.

Located on the north side of Commercial Street in Lerwick, the Lodberries were merchant’s private wharfs, extending out into the Bressay Sound, and represent some of the oldest buildings in the town. The name is thought to derive from the Old Norse hlaðberg meaning a natural quay. The most notable Lodberrie, at 20 Commercial Street, dates from the later 18th century and has been A-listed since 1971. This particular house is well-known by fans of the series “Shetland,” based on the Jimmy Perez detective series by Ann Cleeves.

Dim Riv and Lodberries.
Not much open in Lerwick on a Monday morning at 8 AM, but I was grateful for The Dowry, not just for being open, but also being fantastic!
It had been a long time since I’d had one of these, not made by a robot machine.
My *second* halloumi experience, and so amazingly good! Isn’t this a beautiful plate for first thing in the morning?
I made it the 20 miles south to Jarlshof! I tried not to be too nervous driving. It helps that the roads are really nice, and the lanes are wide.

Jarlshof is one of the most important archeological locations in the world. It was continually inhabited over the course of millennia. It is awesome to behold the degree to which it is still intact.

That is Fair Isle in the distance.
Unfortunately, Valhalla Brewery no longer exists.
It’s a very large complex of dwellings!

I opted to walk along the coast to Sumburgh Head Lighthouse in hopes of seeing puffins.

This beautiful, rocky coastline.
A breeding colony of Guillemots.
My first puffin!!
And my second!
I think I started crying about now.
Hello little buddy!
Glorious cliffs and expanse of sea.
They were making quite a racket.
My tiny house in the little fishing village of Hamnavoe. That range was AWESOME!
The day was winding down, but despite this relaxing scene, I decided to search out the sunset.
And I was amply rewarded. For about an hour.

One thing I discovered about Shetland sunsets. They go on and on and on, and go from strength to strength. And this sunset viewing spot was very close to my home.

Hello little black velvety slug.
Fishing equipment, brightly glowing in the last light.

Day one in Shetland. My decision to come here felt so 100% right at the end of this day. I had already met wonderful people, had delicious food, and so much to feel my soul. Shetlanders live close to nature every moment, and I was looking forward to being part of that life, even for only a month.

30 May, 2022


One response to “34. Day One in Shetland: Breakfast in Lerwick, Ancient History in Jarlshof, First Puffin at Sumburgh, Home in Hamnavoe”

  1. Puffins! And with that sunset on the sea, it’s easy to see why Heaven is the way to the West.


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