80. Departure Day, Back to the USA

We didn’t catch the very *first* train of the day, but it was close. Our journey took us on the Overground to Whitechapel Station for the Elizabeth Line to Paddington, from whence we caught the Elizabeth Line continuation to Heathrow.

Traveling man.
Traveling gal.
Love the Elizabeth Line colors.

We got to Heathrow with HOURS to spare, most of which were spent in the check-in line. In comparison, we breezed through security, with a little time for coffee and snacks before boarding our Virgin Atlantic flight direct into SFO.

Mountains of Madness over Greenland.
There was so much to eat and drink the entire flight! They were not stingy with snacks. This was the lovely “teatime” meal. Plane reading: “Gentleman Jack.”
A happy reunion! I missed this little girl.

18-19 July 2022


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