27. Day Nine in Llwyngwril: Day of Rest and Rejuvenation

So what about my days of rest? Relaxed and domestic.

I was grateful to have a wonderfully comfortable place to put my feet up. For all my love of travel, I am at heart a nester. The ten days of my Wye Valley Walk was a little difficult for me because of that — one place a day is not generally my style. A week or so in a place? That’s more like it! And this 13 days in Llwyngwril felt super indulgent. I had a couple more things on my agenda, but just strolling around the village, dropping by the pub for a pint, and visiting with Larry and Margaret was my idea of a lovely time here.

I read a lot; I went to the little store for a few things to get me through the next few days, before leaving on the 27th of May for Aberdeen.

I did laundry, as I was unsure how long it would be before I’d have access to a washing machine again.

I had tea and McVities at tea-time, looking out at the bay. I took a little walk to the shore. No photos today.

23 May, 2022


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