45. Day 13 in Shetland: A Rainy Day at Bonhoga Gallery and Kergord Hatchery Bookshop

Woke up to some pretty assertive rain and wind, so this seemed like a great day to head to Bonhoga Gallery and do some shopping for gifties. This day’s weather was the worst of the entire trip, I’m happy to say! I had amazing weather luck from the time I landed in Cardiff until I left London.

The Gallery was on my list of things to see, but I didn’t know about the bookstore across the street until my hosts told me. I knew I’d be in need of reading matter soon. (My decision not to bring my Kindle with me was proving to not be a great one. I dislike reading on my phone, even with the fancy big screen.) I was trying to leave behind a book every time I picked up a new one – I was ummmm semi-successful at that!

I pulled off the road for this view.
The cafe at Bonhoga is famous for their baked goods.
A lovely day to be indoors.
Just the thing! Early afternoon tea. My host, Debbie, had made me an amazing breakfast that I’m super sorry I didn’t get a picture of.
Beautiful little stream. The gallery used to be a mill, and this much have been the mill stream.
It’s a gorgeous building. You can see the bookstore on the right, it’s across the road.
I spent a solid hour and a half here. And yup, got some Patricia Highsmith “Ripley” books!
What is better on a rainy day???
View from the bed. This room was SOOOOO comfy! I loved hearing the wind and rain outside.
Nighty-night! It was indeed still daylight when I went to sleep.

11 June, 2022


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