11. Day Six of the Walk: Ross-on-Wye to Fownhope

Even though I considered the Wye Valley Walk to be South Wales, it is about evenly divided in the southern part of the walk between Wales and England. The river is or is close to the border between the two countries. From Hay-on-Wye northwards, it is entirely in Wales. Symonds Yat, Ross-on-Wye, and Fownhope are all on the English side of the river. Of the three, only Fownhope really *felt* like England.

Herefordshire is absolutely beautiful! I’ll say it right here: I loved all sections of the Walk, but the stretch from Symonds Yat to Fownhope was just so mellow and beautiful. And as usual my Fitbit clocked me at 15 miles rather than the 10.5 I was planning from the guidebook, but not a lot of elevation change (less than 1000 ft). Despite the uncomplicated nature of the walk, it was a long day.

Decided on a light breakfast of yogurt, fruit, and cereal after last night’s feasting.
Leaving Ross-on-Wye.
Looking back. Always look back, I learned early on in my Walk.
The river is so pretty here. Up ahead was a rookery, of which I cannot post a video. Trust me when I say: it was a raucous of rooks.
Buttercups and comfrey.
Asked passers-by walking their doggo what this plant is, and got a ready answer: Comfrey!
Beautiful anatomy
No shortage of my favorites.
Just a perfect tree, field, and solar flare.
That’s some happy Holstein cows right there.
This bridge takes one on a walk to some church ruins, a couple of miles away. I opted to not do the detour, since it was already a long day of walking.

While I was enjoying my dinner at No 3 in Ross the previous evening, a fellow saw me reading my Wye Valley Walk book, and I met the tableful of his pals who had walked from Monmouth that day. They were covering a lot of miles in a short time. I left Ross earlier than they did, and they caught up with me at this bridge. I don’t remember their names, but they were nice lads, indeed!

More pretty flowers along the river.
Just a millstone by the river.
I’d live here for a week. I mean, how perfect?!
Just another lovely meadow.
I think there is another picture of this flower on an earlier day, but it’s so pretty!
Sometimes following the Walk can be a bit challenging. Almost missed this.
A sculptural stump. There was a rookery nearby, and there was quite a racket going on here.
Glancing back, so pretty.
Rapeseed (aka canola) fields. Ubiquitous in this part of Hereford, and elsewhere.
This tiny flower.
Strolled past this little house. It was so pretty.
This was a Roman fort at one time, now called Capler Camp.
On the Roman road near Capler Camp.
Nothing special, just loads of beautiful green and blue and white.
Getting near Fownhope. Met several really nice walkers on this stretch.
Descending into town.
One way to welcome visitors! God save the king.
Most towns got rid of their stocks. Not Fownhope! Maybe this is why it felt more like England, sort of punishy.
Bowens B&B, a friendly, quiet, beautiful place to stay. Excellent breakfasts as well!
My little cottage.
The room was just lovely, full of light and privacy.
At a junction.
Fish, chips, and ale obtained at the New Inn!
Mother and daughter. Embracing the toddler grandma aesthetic!
These high-energy little girls were sort of showing off for me. Middle one was the ringleader. They were pretending the water container was a toilet. Funny for a second, but of course they went on about it for a half hour or more. As they do.
The walk and stroll around town. A good day.

7 May, 2022


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  1. Love the toddler-grandma! What a gorgeously fun dress!


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