63. Day 31 in Scotland: Da Toon and Da Sea

A nice early ferry out of Unst to make sure we had plenty of time to explore Lerwick before departing.
Here it comes! chugchugchug
Goodbye, Unst! Maybe you were my favorite place of all.
The little ferry to the next ferry to the BIG ferry
Bookends! First meal and last meal in Shetland at The Dowry! Excellent both times, too.
Fort Charlotte canons. Never fired in anger.
Town Hall on the Hill.
Lovely Lerwick.
Our last stroll, past the Lodberries.
Heading up The Knab.
Pretty sure these are starling eggs. Lots of starlings in Shetland.
A sound installation at the Shetland Museum.
Hays Dock and Mareel. We just ducked into Mareel for a minute. If more time was spent in Lerwick (next time?), it would probably be more of a destination.
Part of the exhibit in the Shetland Museum and Archives, a quickie on the formation of the Shetland Islands.
Also of interest, because I stayed in Hillswick on St. Magnus Bay, where there was a likely meteor strike a couple million years ago.
A peek through at the Maggie Helen, being restored by a team of expert boatbuilders. Watch to see how close she is to completion!
Maggie Helen’s Mast
We stopped for gas before dropping off our rental car and boarding our ferry. And right across the street, Clickimin Broch!
This is the broch everyone visits because it’s right in da toon. I’m glad we got to it! One more broch for the road.
Inside the Northlink Terminal.
Last look at the Dim Riv, Bains Beach, and the Lodberries from the top deck of the Hjaltland.
Sad to leave my home for the month!
But really happy to be with my erstwhile partner David!
Fair Isle in the distance. About 2 hours south of Lerwick.
Fair Isle lighthouse. I will make Fair Isle a destination for a few days when I return to Shetland!
And our gannet spirit guide.
Enjoy the music the ferry makes. And a lovely “sunset.” 10:10 PM, Orkney in the distance.
Chicken masala and naan for dinner. Not pictured: wine and dessert! Did I mention? The food served on this ferry is outstanding!
Both nights of sleeping on the Ferry (to and from Shetland) were very peaceful. Something about the gentle rumble of the engines and the dip and sway of the ship. I didn’t have a hint of seasickness (then or on any other boat or ferry). It appears I fell asleep with my clothes on! Just a little post-dinner nap.

29 June 2022


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