31. Travel Day: Llwyngwril to Aberdeen, Scotland

6 AM is full daylight here! Doing my final check of the place. I love this cottage so much.

Travel ready with all my colors on!

As I was getting ready to leave to meet my ride, Margaret came to my door and informed me that now, the train is running ON TIME! Not canceled! My heart sang, and I felt this leg of my journey blessed by the goddess.

Thrilled Deb, and the train car to mahself!
The light on those hills. I felt so melancholy leaving Gwynedd. This place is close to my heart.
But zoom I must!
Not sure which station this was, but the mishmashed architecture was interesting.
Mask on. People onboard.

The middle leg of this ride was pure chaos! There were so many schoolboys on board, playing music loud and I SWEAR their Scottish accents were so thick I could not make out anything they were saying. I was very glad to have my headphones, listened to Gary Numan and Moonduo and watched the scenery go by.

This appears to be agri industry
The Lake District has lots of farming.
Wow! Sheep!
An old WWII battery on this island. Alas, I cannot remember the bridge.
Lots of industry
Beautiful light on the water. Beautiful clouds in the sky.
And now I believe we are in Scotland!
Science Fiction
First sighting. (Not mine.)
Rolling into Aberdeen
Stunning train station!

It was terrifically blustery and chilly as I emerged from the train station. I was pretty content with checking in to my room and staying put, as it had been a very long day. I had a cup of tea and a biscuit, watched a little TV on my phone, and went to sleep.

The Station Hotel, was literally right across the street from the train station.
And yes. I was missing them terribly. As they were OBVIOUSLY missing me.

I had booked myself two things for the next day, a guided tour of Dunnottar Castle (two train stops south of Aberdeen in Stonehaven) and high tea afterwards, also in Stonehaven. So an early night was just the thing!

27 May, 2022


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