47. Day 15 in Shetland: Cake Fridge, Waterfall, Frankies Chippie, and Wee Drams in Hillswick

It was with a little wistfulness that I moved on from Dave and Debbie’s place in Skeld, and on north to Hillswick. It was a bit of a drive by Shetland Standards, and it was raining so I got an early start.

This breakfast kept me going all the way to Brae! That is one perfectly poached egg on creamed spinach.

This cake fridge is probably the most famous one in Shetland. They recently built a shop to go with it, but it was closed.

Featuring hot and cold drinks!! And souvenirs!
When you turn around from the Cake Fridge, this is what you see. It really IS off a single track road in the middle of nowhere. But nowhere is everywhere in Shetland.
An amazing selection of home bakes! Looking back, I sure wish I’d gotten the Muckle Custard Creams.
Signage for Burn of Lunklet. It was just north of the Cake Fridge and an easy walk!
Such a beautiful burn! I loved the surrounding moorland.
Even better with the threatening skies, I think.
I have NO IDEA why I took this photo! Maybe the CCTV? A mystery.
I was the first customer in the door for lunch at Frankie’s! Voted The Best Fish and Chips in the UK! And it was very, very good.
I had the Peerie (wee) Haddock and a side of peas, of course. I wish I had come back for another meal here.
With a cup of tea and several miles to go, this was a perfect lunch.
Beautiful loch and hills near Hillswick.
Dese trows to greet me on the way into da village!
Aero Tiffin and Dark Chocolate McVities with mah tea. Look how health I am! Grapes!
St. Magnus Bay Hotel was across the road from my digs. A Laphroaig first, and then a dram of Singleton. Too different to compare!
Nice lobby, reminded me a bit of the Northlink Ferry.
St. Magnus Bay Hotel is for sale!
My “front yard.”

My little flat was the back of an old weaving shed, which is now a gallery. I was thrilled to hear there would be a jeweler and furniture making having an opening a few days later. The place was wonderful, with one small exception: the gallery owner lived upstairs and had a heavy footfall. Also, it took several days for the heating to get calibrated, and it was a sort of rainy and chilly week all in all. But the space itself was great, very cozy and comfy, and the upstairs noise was fleeting.

There were a *lot* of places I was keen to get to from Hillswick, and I did manage most of them! The weather kept me indoors a little more than I would have liked, but I learned from my off days in Foula, it’s OK to rest up and drink hot tea and read a good book or two. I try not to subscribe to a FOMO mind set.

13 June, 2022


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  1. I am enjoying your photos and writing.


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